hi I'm Madeline. I like Bastille, like a lot.
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Will Farquarson commits a murder

Kill Farquarson

Will Farquarson goes to the pharmacy 

Pill Farquarson 

Will Farquarson goes to a barbecue

Grill Farquarson

will farquarson gets sick

ill farquarson

Will farquarson doesn’t move

Still farquarson

Will Farquarson becomes a rapper

Lil’ Farquarson

Will Farquarson has a kid.
Lil’ Farquarson

i’m crying

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Dan and his co-star being cute on the set of Things We Lost In the Fire

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Dan Smith and Glasses 2/

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Int:What can we expect tonight?
Will:The Killers... They're really good. They'll be doing Mr. Brightside... Um, I don't know. I've got a red bass, guitar. Woody's got green drums, so you'll see multiple colors. Kyle has a moustache. We'll be doing some songs of our album, mixtape.
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